The first time I watched the anime classic Sailor Moon, I was 14 years old and depressed and hormonal and aching to go on some life adventure. Tokyo seemed like a magical place, all in beautiful glowing pastels and lavender skies. I did end up living in Tokyo as a young adult. While it was great in many ways, it was nothing like what you’d hope for from a cartoon (of course) and I realized that my dream home was not actually Tokyo. It was the animated version of Tokyo.

As a tax-paying, responsible, socially mainstream, and otherwise normal adult, I have to admit the embarrassing truth: there is still nothing more wonderful than the idea of living inside a shojo anime. When things are outrageously stressful and somewhat bleak, I wish I lived there — over there, in that bright world of tea and cookie cafes, secret magical amulets, flouncy dresses, and hair as long as your knees.

But does it have to be so regressive and escapist? Shojo anime can be aspirational~ a lifestyle brand, a curated guide to a certain kind of everyday that can alleviate boredom, anxiety, depression…As I wrote, we are what we pretend to be so why not pretend our lives into a happier place?

I had begun this blog to combat general anxiety and my tendency to procrastinate on my work. But in 2015, my life sort of fell apart (partially explained at the end of this post) and this blog took on a more meaningful role for myself. It is a little self-help, some goal setting, a little fluff and pink and cute stuff, and mostly meditations on the wonderfully inspirational heroines of my childhood.



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