Make Believe Games as Exercise Routines?

I saw this amazing, hilarious, brilliant story about a Lord of the Rings workout.

A self-proclaimed nerd has lost 47 pounds (and counting) by thinking up various exercise games. Here is one he calls the “Eye of Sauron”… Continue reading


Become Like the Wind…or, um, not

I am in Week 6 of the Couch to 5k Running Program for super beginners. Looking for some inspiration, I keep returning to Tenno Haruka’s beautiful poem on the album “Uranus, Neptune, Chibi-Moon Plus.”

Some awkwardly translated lyrics can be found here. This poem reminds me strongly of the flashback episode of Sailor Moon S when Haruka and Michiru first meet.  Titled, “The Bond of Destiny! The Distant Days of Uranus” (運命のきずな!ウラヌスの遠い日), the episode begins with Haruka as a track star. She runs and runs like the wind, for all the wrong reasons.

vlcsnap-2015-05-25-22h03m54s76vlcsnap-2015-05-25-22h04m11s245 Continue reading