The 12 Heroines of Christmas ~ Anne (with an e)

7. Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables

This is an unlikely pick.

Kim, Ji-Hyuck(김지혁)(hanuol)-カイ-12

(Art by Kim Jihyuk)

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Mawaru PenguinDrum: Make your own fate (MPC: 12/30 – 19/30)

We actually meet Oginome Ringo in the very first episode of the series Mawaru PenguinDrum– though just in passing.

I don’t really want to dive too far into Mawaru PenguinDrum, which was Kunihiko Ikuhara’s much heralded return to weirdness. BUT as a quick summary…The story focuses first on another little girl, who dies and is “resurrected” by a stuffed penguin hat possessed by the spirit of an alien dominatrix who commands the two older brothers to complete tasks like finding the mysterious object called the “PenguinDrum” with the help of some invisible penguin henchmen.


I know, it sounds stupid (weird for weirdness sake) but trust Ikuhara to have some incredibly poignant and provoking meaning embedded in this crazy show.

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Princess Tutu’s Author-Knight (and MOONLIT PEGASUS CHALLENGE DAY 2/30)

Despite the old media trope that all shows are meta-reflections on the creator’s side, there actually aren’t very many stories/shows/films for adults my tastes that feature WRITERS in an insightful way.* One exception is Princess Tutu.

tutu giftutu gif 3tutu gif 2

Princess Tutu is a postmodern, ballet-themed shojo anime about the uncontrollable, sometimes redemptive, sometimes terrible power of stories. Continue reading

You Came From A World of Water

From: Sailor Moon S

Episode 97: “The Labyrinth of Water! Ami is Targeted” or「水のラピリンス! ねらわれた亜美」

Mizuno Ami is feeling unsure of herself, wondering if all she has is her ability to study. Shouldn’t a person have more beautiful dreams, she wonders. She decides to clear her head with a swim at the gym pool.


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