Skinny Bitches 2016 Edition: Sailor Mercury Lunch

With the reboot of Sailor Moon, there have been a few pop up cafes in Japan that serve character-inspired dishes (not including the long time Talisman cafe in the Kansai area).

But all of them are basically desserts, which is the opposite kind of inspiration I need these days. I made my own 350 calorie lunch idea inspired by my dearest Sailor Mercury to combat the stress eating that is taking over my days. Here it is…

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The Snow Queen ~ Winter 2016 Pruning

We either think January is a time of dead, cold winter OR the exciting time of fresh beginnings. But using my gardening metaphor, winter is actually the time for pruning, recuperation, protection, and preparation. Your flowers are dormant but not dead; most of the work going on underneath the soil. You must prune back in order for full spring rejuvenation.


The Snow Queen In Seven Stories by Hans Christian Andersen (1845) illustrated by Vladislav Yerko

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2016 New Years Resolutions ~ Everything is Coming Up Roses

Granted, my 2015 Heroine list came with a built in mantra: write your own story. In other words, don’t fall into depression, learned helplessness, and impotent rage but take charge of the direction of my life and son’s therapy. And I can begin to imagine alternative futures by remembering basic truths about the magic of love, resilience, and acceptance.

But on the suggestion of Gretchin Rubin, whose self-help/productivity book on habit building was a favorite of mine last year, I am thematically naming 2016 as the year of Roses and am writing up a whole post on New Years Resolutions. Goals! I love making new goals and projects!!

“Roses” might seem odd, considering how roses are such an ambivalent symbol in old favorites of mine like Alice in Wonderland or Utena…

or are SO TOTALLY LAME in Sailor Moon (don’t lie, you think so too).

But despite that…

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The 12 Heroines of Christmas ~ Clara

  1. Clara (or, Princess Tutu’s Ahiru)

What a delight to close my 12 Heroines of Christmas list with the most Christmassy heroine of all: Clara (or very very very specifically, Maurice Sendak’s incarnation of Clara in the Pacific Northwest Ballet’s version of the ballet). And while it is a little silly to squeeze Princess Tutu in here as well, I promise that the association goes deeper than simply “ballet.”


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The 12 Heroines of Christmas ~ Sailor Neptune & Uranus

3. Kaioh Michiru (Sailor Neptune) and Tenno Haruka (Sailor Uranus)

(Fan art by sizh)

Most writings on the two characters tend to reduce them to their lesbian identity. Instead, I want to highlight how they bridge the disjuncture between the Sailor Moon anime and manga on the trope of “dreams.”

The anime has a prominent, cheery message about girls’ following their dreams. In contrast, the manga consistently reminds us that the Sailor Senshi do not pursue dreams or alternatively, that their dream is equivalent to their duty. Case in point, compare the opening (Act 39)to the Dream Arc with the concluding battle for Sailor Mars (Act 43):

(scans from Miss Dream).

This devotion “to the cause” used to sit weird with me for many years. But Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus represent an ideal balance out of the fundamental mismatch between cherishing personal dreams/happiness and fulfilling responsibility – they give 110% on a few things and otherwise do NOT GIVE A FUCK. Life goals.

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