Mermaid Challenge Week

I’ve been crying that we’re “drowning in” work or stress or obligations. I wished I could “come up for air” once in a while. Often I wondered at our strangeness among others, the sense that we were completely different creatures in a bizarre world. If I push the metaphor, I could say we feel like mermaids peering over the California waves.


But I…like…really really like that: we’re fucking mermaids woohoo!

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Skinny Bitches 2016 Edition: Sailor Mercury Lunch

With the reboot of Sailor Moon, there have been a few pop up cafes in Japan that serve character-inspired dishes (not including the long time Talisman cafe in the Kansai area).

But all of them are basically desserts, which is the opposite kind of inspiration I need these days. I made my own 350 calorie lunch idea inspired by my dearest Sailor Mercury to combat the stress eating that is taking over my days. Here it is…

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The Snow Queen ~ Winter 2016 Pruning

We either think January is a time of dead, cold winter OR the exciting time of fresh beginnings. But using my gardening metaphor, winter is actually the time for pruning, recuperation, protection, and preparation. Your flowers are dormant but not dead; most of the work going on underneath the soil. You must prune back in order for full spring rejuvenation.


The Snow Queen In Seven Stories by Hans Christian Andersen (1845) illustrated by Vladislav Yerko

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