[Translation] Enokido Yōji, “Privacy File 2. The Case of Arisugawa Juri: The Kingdom without Revolutions.”

Enokido Yōji makes “思い込み” a major theme in his essay, “Privacy File 2” which centers on Arisugawa Juri. It can be translated as subjective impressions, perceptions, assumptions, illusions, beliefs and I have made choices to suit the sentences below.

Enokido Yōji. “Shōjo Kakumei Utena” Privacy File (2). The Case of Arisugawa Juri. Or, the Kingdom without Revolutions.
Source magazine: Shōsetsu JUNE. August, 1999.
Source: http://kasira.blog97.fc2.com/blog-entry-108.html

Note: All translations are mine. I added notes for translation choices and places where I am not too confident. Comments and amendments are welcome. This will be co-hosted with the awesome people over at Empty Movement (Ohtori.nu) upon editing. And if you want me to translate more…?

“Shōjo Kakumei Utena” is a tale about young men and women called duelists.

This is a group of model students, the chosen ones who are blessed with both talents and beauty, and yet, they are required to confront* the world alone. (*対立している).  As I said before [in Privacy File 1], the critical factor here is their self-awareness about this isolation* (疎外されている).

Yet, in order to also carve out a sense of how truly gallant they are (*潔さ), we also established that everyone has just one obsessive attachment* (執着している) to some vague relationship. They each have one huge weak point in their hearts.

In most cases, we can portray that attachment as “love.”

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50 days left in 2016

It is more or less 50 days until the end of 2016. And while I will not write about the anxiety I feel at the uncertainties of a Trump America, I will say that the emotional response is surprisingly inspiring. No matter your political affiliation, we all feel invested in and committed to our communities. A close friend of mine has always said her guiding post is simply to say, “I want to live by my values.” So we start with what we love, what we believe in, what we hope for. That is where we begin and that is where our community is built. Start with what you love…


Also, it reminded me that I have a say in how my community is formed. That I have a voice and there is an urgency to use it. That I have to rely on myself, finding strength and happiness within my own measure of life. And despite a rough past week of migraines and overeating and general dislike of myself and utter despair at America…I am doing pretty well. So thanks President Trump for contributing to my improving mental health, in a way.


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End of Summer: Promise Letter to my Therapist

Autumn begins on September 22 this year. That means there are 50 days left of summer. 50! A nice, neat, even number.*

I often write about my love for autumn and all things back-to-school. I love the brisk coolness, cinnamon apples, knee socks and sweaters, shiny school supplies, and the freshness of the world getting back to order after the slow days of summer sloth. I always feel like September is the true “new year holiday” and giddily sip sip sip away at my hot, creamy coffee while scribbling down some new personal goals.

It just occurred to me that autumn is exciting simply because the circumstances around me are changing, all on its own volition, and outside of my control (or input). You might say that the environment is inspiring for me…but you could also say that I falsely project that novelty and adventure onto myself. I don’t have to do anything and yet suck in the sense of newness from around me.

On the flip side, if I think August is so slow, so hot, so dull, plodding along at the end of summer vacation, all blunted and uninteresting…well, it is probably because of ME.

I’m blunted and uninteresting.


Now what?

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Mermaid Challenge Week

I’ve been crying that we’re “drowning in” work or stress or obligations. I wished I could “come up for air” once in a while. Often I wondered at our strangeness among others, the sense that we were completely different creatures in a bizarre world. If I push the metaphor, I could say we feel like mermaids peering over the California waves.


But I…like…really really like that: we’re fucking mermaids woohoo!

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The 12 Heroines of Christmas ~ Kiki

5. Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service (魔女の宅急便)


(Fan art by Pivix ID 3276674)

I’ve been writing about my newish attempt to embrace the many different Me’s inside of Me and to open my imagination to other walks of life. And while the vain part of me eagerly sops up “Snow White beauty” as an easy, self-affirming goal post, a much bigger part of me turns to Kiki from the Ghibli classic Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989). Because Kiki knows how to hustle.


I know, I know, “making money” is not the usual lesson that people find in the story. Most people write about her in terms of feminist independence, fearlessness, and ability to find personal motivation (or “inspiration” in Ursula’s words). But, bear with me a little.

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