I was asked to mentor a young adult in our family. Oh dear. Don’t they realize that I’m a mess?

This is a first draft of a children’s story that I’m putting up on the internet for the world to laugh at, steal, and make those “uh OH-KAY” faces at.

3 children gazed up at the stars. There! That one! They wanted to go there!

“Would there be creatures there like us?”

“Would that world be better than ours?”

“It would be an adventure!”

The first child filled his eyes and heart with starlight each night. Dreaming, but never daring, he peeked out from his bedroom window with chin in hand. Night after night, moon after moon, he gazed at the distant skies until his boyhood wonder tucked itself away like a precious secret, a hard diamond deep inside himself.

The second child decidedly built a spaceship – the greatest spaceship in the history of mankind. Sparing no expense and effort, she fine tuned the machine down to its very nuts and bolts. But she could make it faster though; she could make it shinier though; she could make it perfect. It became itself a star, with its gleaming finishings, marvelous sparkle, and the awe of everyone around, earthbound and anchored in the workshop.

The third, knowing nothing like a fool, shot into the blackness of the universe long ago in an inferior spaceship and was never seen again.



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