November: Nanowrimo + Snow White

Happy Nanowrimo!

I’ve been away for a while, working on my mental health and uh, burgeoning eating disorder (kidding, sort of). But Autumn is still my most inspiring season and I’ve been happily plugging away behind the scenes.Since Nanowrimo is such a public event though, I’ve crawled out of my cave to make some bold statements about my end of year goals.

Lately I am particularly obsessed with this idea of Snow White hiding in the wood at the dwarves’ cottage. The cottage in the wood is the place where she plays housewife, cooking and baking pies, to her alternate family of little-men-children and animals. So, like all fairy tales from past cultures of gender inequity, this could easily be a disturbing metaphor for domesticity as a way to disempower women, RIGHT?

Her beauty is so threateningly powerful when comparable to all others in the land…so she must hide where no one can look upon her at all. The cottage in the woods is where the very namesake of the story lies “dead” in a casket, tucked away in virginal domesticity until one prince comes to bed her. “The End!” because the narrative of women’s life is limited to their potential for, hm, fuckability? It seems like budding beauty (as feminine power) is the key trigger that builds all of the narrative tension which literally climaxes in a fairy tale wedding.

Though I am reconsidering this. The woods is usually representative of regression, the wild, the unconscious, the terrifying dark space of the non-human. How does this become a place of pre-marital/asexual/non-productive domesticity?  Maybe she is enjoying this respite? A cherished space and time for asexual, non-productive, non-threatening domesticity?

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about this as both a metaphor for my own November goals and as inspiration for my Nanowrimo novel. My novel is a fantasy adventure one that features a labyrinth under a library, boys that cannot speak, and a cottage in the woods. I’m not totally sure how to link to the website because I’m new to this but, my username on Camp Nanowrimo is Echo412.




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