Scientists Confirm ~ We Become Our Heroes and Heroines

Read this today after seeing the tantalizing headline on Reddit:

Psychologists Discover That People Subconsciously Take On Attributes Of Their Favorite Fictional Characters

A study claims that we instinctively and spontaneously take on the attributes of characteres that we identify with. This “Experience-Taking” goes deeper than just opening ourselves up to empathy and new viewpoints but actually enables us to take on new thoughts and behaviors. 

Researchers found that people who strongly identified with a fictional character who overcame obstacles to vote were significantly more likely to vote in a real election several days later…

Of course, there are various levels of identification. For starters,

Experience-taking doesn’t happen all the time. It only occurs when people are able, in a sense, to forget about themselves and their own self-concept and self-identity while reading

Wish I could access the full article!

(Edit: Also slightly updated my “About” page. Feels nice to set things down – like putting things on a new path already…)


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