Last week was not a good week. Oh my god.

When looking over the past week, all I see are flashing NG (aka “no good”) signs. “Survey Says?? It sucked!” Sometimes there is a very disapproving woman in a Japanese magazine holding her arms and fingers crossed in a big X.

I read somewhere that venting is actually psychologically harmful. We think we’re getting a cathartic release from letting out steam but in fact, we become dependent on the endorphin rush from the vent itself. In other words, venting angrily about things just makes us ANGRIER and more aggressive. I cannot find the original study but here is a PsyToday pop science article about the phenomenon.

So I will not vent about it. Here are some cat gifs instead.

On a positive note, I do have some “quantified self” cool discoveries from the past week about writing, productivity, and general stuff.

As an aside, it is really just too hot. It is interesting that most of the Western fairy tales come from Europe, where pre-modern winters were deadly (but summers quite pleasant). There are innumerable folk and fairy tales about the cold cruelty of snow but absolutely nothing about heat and the sun (to my knowledge). In fact, the only folk tale I could find was this model of story, where a woman births a potentially illegitimate “Snow Child” that melts away in the summer. Grim!

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