Make Believe Games as Exercise Routines?

I saw this amazing, hilarious, brilliant story about a Lord of the Rings workout.

A self-proclaimed nerd has lost 47 pounds (and counting) by thinking up various exercise games. Here is one he calls the “Eye of Sauron”…

He explains

In The Lord of the Rings, the bad guy is represented by a giant eye—The Eye of Sauron—and the eye has a beam that sweeps across the land and the characters have to get down to avoid being seen by it.

So in the workout, every three minutes the Eye of Sauron sweeps across the gym and everyone has to hold a plank position for a minute until it passes.

Also, Frodo and Sam had to climb a lot of stairs, so our members do stepups with a weight on them. The ring has a heavy burden to it, so we have them have to carry a weight the entire workout to represent that.

Apparently he has other workouts themed with Dr. Who and Star Wars as well as things for his Dungeons & Dragons group.

There are similar “make believe” kind of exercise routines online. There is an entire Nerd Fitness website and even just googling you can find things like this:

After my thesis is finished, I will start training for my 10k hardcore. I was nervous about this but now I am super excited to think up games for myself as I trek along. Probably not the “Nerd Fitness” type of games listed above but more like


4 thoughts on “Make Believe Games as Exercise Routines?

  1. Sumire says:

    That is adorable and relatable. I loathe exercise but if it seems like play to me, I am up for all kinds of physically demanding hijinks.

    I blush to relate it but I actually didn’t write during the 24 hours that constituted Sunday however I wrote before I went to bed (it was after midnight, I was not being wise). I did write on Saturday as well as today (after waking) but it was really busy at work and I didn’t have time to type them up. I’ll check in with numbers tomorrow.


    • cheri says:

      Well, isn’t this the first time you missed a day? That isn’t so bad! On super bad days, I force myself to write sometimes just 1 sentence haha (the lowest wordcount was 5 words or so?).


  2. Sumire says:

    I didn’t write much today because I typed up the other days’ work.

    Sat: 105 words

    Very early Mon: 137 words

    Mon: 94 words

    Tues: 38 words

    I’m stumbling upon some real questions that need to be answered and some insight into the complexities of this world I’ve created. It’s intimidating but exciting too!

    Liked by 1 person

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