MPC 7/30 & 8/30

Oh my goodness I am so exhausted. I wanted to write more about Princess Tutu today but it is so late already. As a quick summary…

August 24:

Time Started: 10:20 pm

Location: home

Word Count: 112

Review: Oh my gooodnnesss I barely slept but I am so glad I still wrote a little bit. I read quite a bit throughout the day and prepped some serious notes so tomorrow afternoon should be much better.

August 25

Time Started: 3:35 pm

Location: library

Word Count: 459

Review: I wrote a bit more in notes so I can see myself sliding into that territory again (all notes, none of my own clear writing)


2 thoughts on “MPC 7/30 & 8/30

  1. Sumire says:

    Okay, three days in one shot!

    August 24:

    Time Started: no recollection

    Location: home?

    Word Count: 52

    Review: No idea what to write about… but the small scene I came up with brought up a very interesting point, so that’s good.

    August 25

    Time Started: 11:45 pm

    Location: home

    Word Count: 102

    Review: Still don’t know what I’m writing about… I’m beginning to see one of the reasons I stopped writing this was my struggle to write linking scenes.

    August 26

    Time Started: 9:30 pm

    Location: work

    Word Count: 68

    Review: At least I got everything typed up today. Still not sure what to write about but I think I’m honing in on an important segue.

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