Well that didn’t work out (MPC 5/30 and 6/30)

I wanted to post this gif after yesterday’s grand success…

And so, I assumed today I’d be all

But then today was actually like

Edit: adding in Sunday to keep the weekend in one post.

Started writing: 9:49 pm for Sat and then 10pm for Sun

Where: home, crouched in my chair.

Word count: Hm, roughly 6 brand new words for new sections (not editing). On Sunday I added 111 words.

Review: This is everything I did wrong.

  1. I treated the weekend like a different kind of day. No, I still need to schedule protected time to write.
  2. On top of not having protected writing time, today was full of STUFF. Went out by 8:10am and never had enough down time. I’m an introvert and burn out quickly so what was I thinking?
  3. Burn out made worse by sugar crash. No more post-dinner boba.
  4. Today was an editing day. I moved big pieces here and there, cleaning up sentences, and making connections. I also set up a new problem to move forward on (my 5 words). This is necessary but should not “replace” actual writing.

2 thoughts on “Well that didn’t work out (MPC 5/30 and 6/30)

  1. Sumire says:

    No time to type up today for word count so I’ll report on Saturday and Sunday tomorrow. Thanks for the positive feedback and I’ll send it back to you 6>0. It’s the not giving up when I disappoint my grand plans that is my biggest struggle. It’s a very real and hard battle and you are winning it!


  2. Sumire says:


    Started writing: no idea, I think it was still light out

    Where: home, on the sofa

    Word count: 402

    Review: Boring scene but I wrote something and on the weekend too!


    Started writing: Quite late, after 11 but before midnight

    Where: home, on the sofa

    Word count: 147

    Review: Short but done. I’m playing with ways to communicate the change in my heroine while keeping the problem manageable, scary but fairy tale scary which can be terrifying but doesn’t seem as if it happens to real people…

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