Princess Tutu: The Spinners (and MPC 4/30)

In Episode 21 of Princess Tutu, titled 「紡ぐ者たち」or “The Spinners,” we meet  Aotoa (or “Author”) from the school’s music division.


Obvs a villain because crazy eyes and defensive Ahiru.

What is interesting is how different the “Author” is from Fakia, who becomes the one chosen to continue with the power to create. Aotoa is much more obsessed with the power of writing. Everything is ritualized and researched, from the perfectly recreated office of Drosselmeyer (down to the aged paper and feather quill), to the incantation in the forest. He forces Fakia to purify himself with holy water and forgo food and sleep for three days time.


Why? Because writing has serious power – enough to kill – and one must be seriously prepared to take on this responsibility. After all, people were so afraid of Drosselmeyer that the ending of all of his books were torn out.

Yet even though Aotoa the “Author” understands this so well, it is Fakia who is the chosen one. It might be interesting to note that Fakia is associated with the Knight but also with the “Fakir” magician. What does a Knight or Magician have in common with a tale spinner? What is the difference between a writer and an “author”? I have my own theories but for now, here are some lovely screen shots that I couldn’t help including. Below that is my update for the 30 day writing challenge!

vlcsnap-2015-08-21-22h38m29s73 vlcsnap-2015-08-21-22h38m32s97 vlcsnap-2015-08-21-22h39m14s12 vlcsnap-2015-08-21-22h45m18s67

Started Writing: 1pm

Where: Library (later at home)

How much: 800 words!

Review: Ahhhhhh!


2 thoughts on “Princess Tutu: The Spinners (and MPC 4/30)

  1. Sumire says:

    Wow, I called it. Yesterday was a bust.

    Started Writing: 11 am, maybe?

    Where: Work

    How much: 4 words

    Review: I typed up the day before’s work to do a word count and in doing so, I added four words. I planned to write more at home but I ended up taking a nap clear through till morning. Part of me is appalled but part of me is not. Four words is a pathetically paltry showing of course, and yet… Months, perhaps even years have gone by without a single word being written, or even words once written being typed. If a bad day still means four words and some typing, I’m still leaps ahead of then!

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