Time I started: First it was 9:30 am and then 1:30pm. But I didn’t really write until 9:30 pm.

Location: Home…then Starbucks..then home.

Word Count: 175

Review: Today was a hot mess. So many things came up and it gave me all of the excuses not to write (babysitting cut short, weird non-nap, exhausted from poor sleep, and FUCKING WEEVILS). I was tempted to crawl into bed but had a weird fidelity to updating this blog and then anger that I was going to bed with a 0 word count. Days will be good and bad but, nothing really matters until the words are on the page.

Like, come on. I’ve made so many improvements to my life even just starting this blog. I didn’t always update on my successes on these but here are my recent personal challenges in a nice little list:

So fuck that, I can follow through. I still scribbled out a (lame, bad, minor, but DONE) 175 word paragraph tonight and then I scribbled out a 350 word blog post about it (HAHA).



  1. Sumire says:

    This is me today. I have a short list of simple things to do to keep myself on track so to speak and number one is get to sleep by eleven. Last night, I was up (reading of course) until that time of the night when you are glancing out of windows thinking “Don’t let it be getting light out! Please don’t let it be getting light out or I’ll have to face how crazy this all is.” So needless to say today I am not at the top of my game, still, your post reminds me no matter what, keeping up with the habit is important and worthy of even fractured, feeble time. So here’s yesterday’s stats and prepare for something far sorrier tomorrow:

    Time I started: 10:30 ish, maybe?

    Location: Work

    Word Count: 533

    Review: I wrote a number of little fragments and I’m running up against two problems and one annoyance. 1) I have scenes I know I have written but I don’t know where they are and I don’t want to rewrite a lot because I’m trying to create new stuff to play with, 2) I have some major plot details I need to hammer out and it’s making me shy like a horse and 3) I want to try to avoid dating this book as much as possible and looking back at the almost 20 years I have been working on this, a lot has changed! Press on for now I guess, press on!

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