Princess Tutu’s Author-Knight (and MOONLIT PEGASUS CHALLENGE DAY 2/30)

Despite the old media trope that all shows are meta-reflections on the creator’s side, there actually aren’t very many stories/shows/films for adults my tastes that feature WRITERS in an insightful way.* One exception is Princess Tutu.

tutu giftutu gif 3tutu gif 2

Princess Tutu is a postmodern, ballet-themed shojo anime about the uncontrollable, sometimes redemptive, sometimes terrible power of stories. The feared author Drosselmeyer has the power to make anything come true if he writes a story about it. In bitter revenge on the townspeople who rejected him, Drosselmeyer refuses to finish a fairy tale before dying. Despairing that they can never end the story, the characters break out of the story and consequently enchant the town around them.

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The characters wonder, Are we real? Do we have freedom of choice? Are we trapped by the destiny of the story book? What is my role and what happens when my role is finished?


Of course, it isn’t all deep and tortured. How heavy can it be with scenes this cute?

In episode 20 in the second arc, we learn the character Fakia (or, “Fakir“) had a power similar to Drosselmeyer. The young Fakia decided to write a story where he was a great knight who defeated all of the evil crows. Soon enough, the crows come to attack him just as he wrote in his story.


But quite unlike his story, the crows kill both of his parents.Traumatized by this, the newly orphaned Fakia represses his memory and begins to harbor a deep fear of writing.


Ahiru (our “Little Duckling” heroine) begs Fakia to try writing again in an attempt to save their friend. Fakia agrees because “the story keeps moving” and he must act.

It was a good episode to rewatch as I tinker around with Day 2 of my 30 day writing challenge.

Time I started writing: 2:30 pm, off and on until 4:30pm.

Location: library

Word count: 304

Review: Today was a little odd because I didn’t get home until 12:30 after an unusually busy day out with the toddler. So I had an extra cup of coffee around 1pm and got to work. I was also editing some older writing so it was not a lot of “new.” But all in all, I am pretty satisfied I broke the 300 word count (eventually I hope to get to 750 words a day).

Tonight I am going to set up a writing prompt for myself and try writing first thing in the morning.


*The ones that I can recall follow a few boring cliches (ie. the confused writer suffering writer’s block who recovers his muse again after some life changing journey usually involving a manic-pixie sex partner type). Only Stephen King seems to appreciate the god-like, mind-numbing ,terrible power and responsibility of writing in his books. Remember, the dad in The Shining was a writer.


One thought on “Princess Tutu’s Author-Knight (and MOONLIT PEGASUS CHALLENGE DAY 2/30)

  1. Sumire says:

    Time I started writing: 9:30 a.m. I believe, I wrote in my spare time while waiting for my tea to steep and the like and a little tiny bit surreptitiously at my desk. I didn’t write after noon though.

    Location: work

    Word count: 454

    Review: I actually wanted to write more. There were scenes I found myself wanting to write even as I was writing another scene. There is one scene in particular that I realized I had imagined and knew well in my mind, a truly pivotal scene, but I had never written even the smallest bit down as of yet! It was great to be more in the flow. I also did some research. I had made my hero a baseball player (not professional, he’s only 14 at the story’s start) and I know very little about baseball. I wanted to decide what position he would play and ended up reading about how scouts choose players. It was surprisingly very interesting (I have always hated sports) and I now understand why baseball is such a great source for metaphors. I also was pleased that just off the top of my head I put him in the position that was best for him. I like that it will have more meaning and reasoning behind it now and I did note he will have to be right-handed. Typing it up for the word count I am blown away by my still horrible overuse and misuse of commas but I am trying not to get bogged down in editing so I have more words to edit in the undefined future.

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