Pink Sugar Heart Attack? Chibi Moon Diet

pink sugar heart attacktumblr_mnjis2pQLp1rafwnoo1_500

Chibi Moon’s battle cry is “Pink Sugar Heart Attack!” I guess she pelts enemies with little pink hearts that laser out from her wand…

but I’ve always read it as, killing someone off with a heart-attack from feeding them too much sugar. Which would fit all the cliches of anime heroines. They sure do love their sugary sweets…

For me, mid-summer is all about Chibi-Usa. Maybe because the circus comes to town in the summer and a part of me thinks “DEAD MOON CIRCUS” or because I have vivid dreams in hot weather (from sleeping poorly)?  I am current re-watching the fourth season of classic Sailor Moon, which focuses on Chibi-Usa and Pegasus who seeks refuge in her beautiful dreams. I want to write a more thorough blog post on this season, which is actually one of my favorites (most Western fans haaattteee Chibi-Usa and this season) but first! Let’s talk about food!

The joke is that Usagi and Little Usagi love pancakes, pudding, candy, cookies, pies, and all kinds of sweet food. The hated food they list on their profiles is, of course, carrots — the typical food of little bunnies.

I like to read anime-food blogs but all of the “cute” stuff is junk food! I think we ought to re-think so-called “Rabbit Food” as something cute, pink, healthy, and perfect for summer. Behold! A Food Spread! (Polyvore is so much easier than uploading all these individual pictures to WordPress).

Chibi Usa - Rabbit Food

Chibi Usa – Rabbit Food by cheri-100 on Polyvore

The food art plates were taken from this story but you generally get the idea. Why not bunny-cut apples? Healthy classic Japanese bentos (rice, greens, and a balancing small protein side) in cute shapes and colors?


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