Wonderland Week

Monday July 20 ~ Bread & Butterfly Brunch

I’m starting the week simply. I was tempted to make all these heart shaped cookies, treacley sweets, comfits, bread and plum-cake, lots of peppered soup or even oysters muhaha….But what was the point of losing all that weight if I’m just going to eat all my sorrows back?

So instead, we’ll have bread butterflies and mushroom baked muffins for the family. It is always best to start the week off with a strong breakfast.

Tuesday July 21 ~ Hair Ribbon

Except, 1. It is blazing hot lately so my hair will go up and 2. I don’t want to look like a 5 year old so, these styles are a little better…

I have to run errands on Tuesday so this hairdo will be nice in the summer heat.

Wednesday July 22 ~ The Queen of Hearts’ Tarts and Tea

Well, okay, this is kind of junk food. But! I have several jars of almonds that no one wants to eat and a huge tub of expensive organic yogurt that my child is sticking his nose up at. So naturally we’ll have a berry yogurt tart with an almond crust to be eaten with delicious tea.

Thursday July 23 ~ Reread Through the Looking Glass 

wearing my ridiculous Wendy Darling nightgown. It is a long story and no, no pictures, but yes I have a sky blue, puff sleeved, ankle length nightgown that was a gift. I want to put on my nightgown, drink some hot chocolate, and decompress with all the clocks turned away and my phone turned off. Alice asked “How long is forever?” and the White Rabbit responds, “Sometimes just one second.” How nice to mentally escape for just one midweek night!

Friday July 24 ~ 

After all these sweets, I have to remember to run run run…

and while running at the gym, I will FINALLY watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Beginnings! It is on Netflix!! It has been a really long time since I saw the show so the movie will feel extra fresh.

Weekend July 25 & 26 ~ Get lost in an adventure  

It has been raining nonstop for this entire weekend so I can’t wait to enjoy next weekend. We’re due at a beach party but I just want to get OUT, go somewhere new and strange and beautiful.


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