The Little Blue Dress

If little black dresses are the fashion staple of sophisticated ladies everywhere, then little blue dresses are its equivalent for animated heroines.

Almost every single Disney princess or heroine can be linked to sky blue attire! It might be basic color symbolism. Heroes and heroines are linked with primary colors (red, blue, yellow), natural tones, and brightness whereas villains are coded with secondary colors (unnatural green, purple) and darkness.

It makes sense on this symbolic level but it still surprised me to collect endless evidence of sky-blue-Disney heroines. It isn’t just Alice but her spirit-twin Wendy Darling…

(PS. Disney Trivia: both were voiced by child actress Kathryn Beaumont!)

We also have human Ariel is dressed in blue (twice). So is Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine…

Over in anime-land, Sakura (dressed as Alice) pops up as well as any number of cute heroines, like Himari from Penguin Drum.

Of course, my favorites Sailor Mercury and Sailor Neptune are blue-elements.

In film, I always associate sky blue with Judy Garland’s Dorothy Gale or Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday and Funny Face.

tumblr_n2o113m5f11qzerjgo1_500 tumblr_mwdgxgLKem1qm6umfo3_250

76funnyface_head dress-the-part-audrey3_16042949090

In fact, the only villainess I can think of in light blue might be Lucy Van Pelt but she’s so hateably lovable too.

lucygiphy (1)

PS. The gifs are all going nuts today. I’ll have to cut this post into two…


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