Snow White Week in review

Last time I posted about Snow White as my inspiration for the whole week. To be honest, I’ve been in a funk. I try to plan my schedule, set reminders, make lists to stay organized but none of those help much for burn out. A little inspiration helps structure my life in a different way I guess. And it was a lovely, perfect week.

Monday’s goal was baking~

First I made apple sauce!

FullSizeRender (4)FullSizeRender (3)FullSizeRender (2)

Online recipes make it overly complicated. Peel and core a few apples of any variety (these are Jazz and Pink Lady). Add to a saucepan with a cup of water (or more, depending on how you like it) and some cinnamon (to taste). Medium heat until mushable.

I also used this recipe for blueberry banana bread. The only thing I did differently was mix by hand, leaving banana pieces in tact, and adding more blueberries. This gives a much more moist, almost pudding like bread.

(Hm, that photo of my half eaten plate is not pretty.It was DELICIOUS, I promise).

I am not domestically blessed and usually cook more like this:

Tuesday I tried a high bun with a bow, Wednesday I had a shopping spree for some skincare (will do a separate post when the items ship), Thursday I tried this recipe! Apparently, Dita Von Teese and many celebrities follow this exact recipe for a “Glowing Green Smoothie.”

IMG_0426 (1)

Cute jars cannot disguise the green sludgey look. Okay I’ll be honest. I was expecting the ultra sweet and apple+bananay taste of Naked Juice’s Green Machine so this initially tasted very, hm, crisp? It tasted like a very mild salad, in smoothie form. It wasn’t bad but it was weird and so I only had one small cup with my breakfast. The taste grew on me so I tried a larger serving with lunch and dinner too. By the next morning, I started craving it and am now crazy about them. Isn’t that cool? I feel like I’ve turned into one of those obnoxious LA juicer girls but, it is honestly delicious and nice to know my veggie servings are taken care of. Hopefully the added greens will make my skin look better after a few weeks too.

Friday I cleaned a lot

Today I wore this white sundress with a straw hat and denim jacket to a farmers market…

FullSizeRender (5)

and then, it started to rain! Totally weird, considering this epic drought we’re in.

Phew, and now it is the last week of June! Crazy how fast time flies…


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