Snow White Week

This week, I’m going to do a series of Snow White related things. Snow White is perhaps my favorite fairy tale of all time. My love for Snow White has nothing to do with the Disney film version, although I do find the creepy 1930’s dated-ness of that adaptation to be absolutely, completely marvelous.


It has just been SO HOT this week and the sun is SO STRONG here. You know, I live in California so I’m surrounded by this kind of drunken orangey look all the time…

tan-mom-patricia-krentcil904318-paris-hiltonWith the burning sun on my face all day, I just wanted everything to feel cool and untouched and snow white.

9aaa96d66d04120a9204db0cd7f416a3tumblr_mfffqghjAm1rmsd5uo1_500 547c0d65af707346d7f862c3594e4205

So anyhow, this week is celebrating all the things I love about Snow White. Channeling a dark German forest will help me escape the summer heat.

Monday June 22: Baking
I’m going to make this blueberry banana bread. As a little girl, I was so taken by this scene of Snow White baking an apple pie in a little rustic cabin in the Disney film. I am so glad that they kept this pie-making in the adaptation Mirror Mirror.

Mirror Mirror

Tuesday June 23: Try a new updo
It is hot and my hair needs to go up. There are a few tutorials online here and there for a headband updo. I am sick of my current milkmaid braid uniform so maybe this will be fun.

Wednesday June 24: Korean Skin Care
~and the perfect red lip for summer
Porcelain skin has always been an East Asian aesthetic ideal. Ever since the boom in Korean dramas and pop, Japanese women actually tend to associate bihaku (beautiful white skin) with South Korea. I’m trying to exfoliate twice a week and keep up with Vitamin C, Retin-A, and BHAs but maybe it is time to take a closer look at Korean products in particular. I also want to look into Korean lip stains so I can wear a red lip in the summer without looking too overdone.

Thursday June 25: Green Smoothie
So alabaster skinned Dita Von Teese drinks a green smoothie every morning? I’ll give it a try.

Friday June 26: Just Whistle While You Work
My in-laws are visiting so, time to tidy up the place…without being annoyed about it.

Saturday June 27: Wear something beautiful
Lately I am in a uniform of yoga pants and a tanktop. Why not try on one of my dozens of dresses in the closet, sitting all dusty and forlorn?


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