Sailor Moon ~ Rose Tea for Stormy Days

From: Sailor Moon Crystal, Episode 17 – 「秘密 – SAILOR JUPITER」or “Secret ~ Sailor Jupiter.”

What: At the end of a rough day on a stormy night, rose tea in a white tea set.

“Have some tea. It helps me relax.”

SMC 17 - 3 SMC 17 - 4  On a dark and stormy night…

SMC 17 - 2SMC 17 - 10

How wonderful to cozy up in your plant filled home, on your comfy little seat

SMC 17 - 13SMC 17 - 5

And find a little romance over some rose tea!

SMC 17 - 11 SMC 17 - 12
Gimme: ROSE TEA! This was a no brainer after years of obsessively watching Utena too.

First, a white tea pot with trim:

Ebay UK

FORLIFE 24-Ounce Teapot ~ $29

Gracie Bone Teapot, Gold Trimmed ~ $43

Enamelware Teapot Vintage White with Black Trim ~ $26

And some rose tea!

2015-03-12 20.54.26


This last picture is the tea I bought at the grocery store the day after I watched the episode hahah! It isn’t pink colored but it tastes very good.


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