Goals: A Better Work Space

I mainly work from home (student). And by “work from home,” I of course mean “sit around looking at Tumblr surrounded by a chaotic pile of papers on a messy desk, currently shoved in the corner of my tiny apartment, 6 inches away from my big comfy bed.” Sometimes I fantasize about having a real office to Feel Very Serious and Important in because I think it will magically fix my productivity problems and bad habit of …well, not having my shit together. Then I’ll be like

~~~sparkle sparkle sparkle brain powweerr~~~

Of course updating my work station won’t touch the root problems of bad work HABITS (that is for another post). But it will genuinely help to get organized. So, although I’m still working on 2 other goals of losing weight and getting better morning routines, I’d like March to have a simple new goal: get a better work space. Using these tips and this post as guideline, here are the specifics of this goal…

March Goal: An Office Nook Worth of Mizuno Ami.
This is partly because we already kind of have the same desk!! Like, if Ami’s desk was temporarily hijacked by someone stupider and messier:


Psychological Goals: This will be a place to channel Mizuno Ami because who else would you want to be inspired by when you need to study hard? Plus, I’ve always had an affinity for the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Mizuno because of her nerdy awkwardness and anti social shyness already reminded me (painfully) of myself. Things should be calm, clean, and cute. It should make me feel thoughtful, full of purpose, and like, “time to get shit done.”
These are from Sailor Moon, Season 1 Episode 15.

And to round out the inspiration, here is PGSM Ami’s white, Scandinavian designed room:


I’ll find a better photo set later but these are from PGSM Episode 5: “Is Usagi a True Friend?” or 「うさぎちゃんは本当の友達?」

Functional needs: I need a place where I can read dense academic texts and write without distraction. It should have time tracking and organizational tools within a glance/easy reach. This place needs to have space for books, paper, snacks, phone charger, 2 computers, computer bag, 2 mice, an extra keyboard. This is still my personal space so at the end of the day, I need to be able to put things away, prep for the next day, and mentally switch to something fun like blogging or watching videos. This entire area needs to be baby proofed.

Budget: $45 (ideally less)


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