Interiors: Bedrooms and Desk Envy 2





Speaking of desk envy…

Since this blog is essentially about making my life like a shoujo heroine, doesn’t it fit perfectly with the whole “believing in the self I want to be” theme of Shugo Chara? Shugo Chara isn’t one of my top shows for various reasons but I am fascinated with the way they took all of the classic elements from Utena and warped it into a super cutesy happy show (haha). Despite all of its flaws, the lead Hinamori Amu is pretty endearing in her self conscious awkwardness and totally lovable in her striving to become a better version of herself.

From: Shugo Chara

Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2:

What: Hinamori Amu’s desk

Shugo Chara 2 2Shugo Chara 2


I can’t help thinking these desks are kind of…unfunctional. Where is the computer?? How interesting that instead of a computer, Amu has a big pink mirror. How can you fit a laptop on here when the desk space is all crowded out with random pink frilly stuff? Are shojo heroines not studious??


Here is a bigger shot of her bedroom as a whole, just for the record.

Shugo Chara 1 - A Guardian Chara is Born 2






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