Accessorize like a Magical Girl…or a Witch







 A typical trope of magical girl (maho shojo) tv shows is her magical THING. I’m sure this was a brilliant way for tv executives to find merchandising tie ups but, most shows feature some kind of amulet, compact, jewel, pen, whatever that takes your run of the mill girl and gives her super powers. On top of that, she is usually decked out in accessories – Sailor Moon has her transformation crystal tucked inside a sparkly brooch but she also has a jewel choker, moon earrings, a tiara, hair pins, and those glowy red balls of ….something in her hair.

You might conclude that, indeed, magical girl shows are incredibly conservative and heteronormative: they teach little girls to dress pretty and win with the power of feminine love.  But I would say that the delicious promise of a SECRET WEAPON HIDDEN IN AN EVERYDAY OBJECT is itself not gender specific even if the item is (Sailor Moon has a sparkly pin but I’m sure there are heroes out there winning with a magical sword, a wand, or some other kind of phallic symbol). I have a long response to this line of thinking in general but, I don’t want this blog to be so political. The bottom line is, I like earrings and pretending they have magic powers so lay off alright?

Speaking of earrings.  The Black Moon arc of Sailor Moon introduces us to these villainesses:








From: Sailor Moon Crystal

Season 2, Episode 16: “Act 16. Abduction – Sailor Mercury”

What: Crystal earrings of DEATH AND DESTRUCTION

Gimme: Urban Outfitters Cosmic Dreams Crystal Hoop Earrings $20. Link here.

SMC 16 - 7


Even the name is perfect. Too bad they don’t come in EVIL BLACK.


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